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Our scores are based on unbiased, trustworthy data and analysis of the quality of health care in Washington state. Providers can use the data to discover areas for quality improvement, employers and labor union trusts can use it to understand variation in the health care market, and consumers can use it to choose a clinic, medical group, or hospital.

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Providers & Plans


A clinic is a single outpatient health care facility, which may be part of a medical group that has doctors’ offices in several locations. Quality of care can vary by clinic location. Compare clinics and make a more informed choice. more

Medical Groups

A medical group is a group of health care providers working for the same organization. A medical group may be made up of just one clinic or multiple clinics. Compare medical groups and make a more informed choice. more


Quality of care can vary among hospitals. Want to familiarize yourself with hospitals close to home? Or compare hospitals within the county or state? more

Health Plans

Health plans have an important role to play in improving health care quality and controlling costs. See how they perform. more



Where you live matters. Different regions have different care. Compare health care in different Washington counties. more

Accountable Communities of Health

By increasing community-based collaboration, Accountable Communities of Health (ACHs) better align health care resources within a geographic area to help improve health and wellness. An ACH may include one or more counties. more


Explore Washington’s performance in delivering higher-value health care—from patient experience to primary care, care by condition and more. more


Measure by Category

Quality measures evaluate care across a range of health care settings, from doctors’ offices to hospitals. Measuring the quality of health care is necessary for improving health care quality. more

Individual Measures

Learn more about a type of care, such as patient experience or potentially avoidable care, or a specific health condition.