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Compare Scores

Review scores for clinics or hospitals in your area. Or compare scores for several counties.

Find Quality Care

Not all health care is the same, so where you get your care matters. Whether you’re interested in getting care in a doctor’s office or hospital, with our comparison feature, you can look at options side-by-side and find the best quality health care available.

Lookup Care by Facility

Have a clinic, medical group or hospital in mind, but want to dig a little deeper? Get more information on how each performs on quality and patient experience.

What is the Community Checkup

For Health Care Purchasers


Employers and labor union trusts rely upon the Community Checkup to help them understand the health care market in Washington.

For Health Care Consumers


We help consumers choose a primary care home, or see how well their clinic or hospital performs on quality and patient experience.

For Health Care Providers


Providers use the data to discover how they compare and ways in which they can improve their services and the care they provide.

Initiatives & Campaigns

Healthier Washington

Healthier Washington

Healthier Washington aims to help people experience better health throughout their lives and receive better and more affordable care when they need it.

The Washington State Common Measure Set on Health Care Quality and Cost is part of Healthier Washington and provides the foundation for health care accountability and measuring performance. 

The Community Checkup and Common Measure Set includes nationally vetted measures so that we can see how our state compares to the rest of the country.

Learn about individual measures

Own Your Health

Own Your Health is a campaign from the Washington Health Alliance to empower consumers to become active participants in their own health and health care. Our goal is to give you the tools and information you need to maintain and improve your health, and to make sure you’re getting quality health care.

Visit the Own Your Health Website