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The Community Checkup is your resource for understanding health care value in Washington state. We hope this page and the Glossary will help you understand and navigate the Community Checkup website.

This short video will give you a high-level introduction to the Community Checkup. More detailed help is below. Please contact us with any questions.

General Help

  • This site uses pop-ups as navigation elements. Please make sure the pop-up blocker in your browser is turned off.
  • Sometimes you will see (parentheses) around filter menu items. This means that item has not been selected from the dropdown menu.

Understanding Organization and Place Detail Pages

Detail pages are where you can take a deeper dive into the results for one organization or place. You can find detail pages for clinics, medical groups, hospitals, counties, Accountable Communities of Health (ACH) and health plans. You can see results in a table view, where you see Better, Average, Worse scores. Or in a graph view, where you can see how that particular organization or place compares to the state average and the national 90th percentile benchmark. Don’t see many results for a place or organization? See Why don’t I see any data? at the bottom of this page.

Understanding Category and Measure Detail Pages

This is where you get more information about specific measures, including a description of what is being measured and why it matters. On category and measure detail pages, you can view measure results by state, county and ACH. You can also view scores on that measure by clinic and/or hospital, within a particular geography.

Step 1

Select state, county of ACH from the View dropdown menu. Select which one you want to use to filter results.

Step 2

View results by measure. The large icons show how many clinics or hospitals scored Better, Average or Worse on a measure. If you are on the category detail page, be sure to select a specific measure to compare.

Step 3

View results in the table below. If you want to only see organizations that scored Better, click on the Better icon and the table of results will be filtered. The same instructions go for Average or Worse scores. Don’t see many results? See Why don’t I see any data? at the bottom of this page.

How to use Compare Scores

Compare Scores is where you interact with Community Checkup results. You can mix and match different places or organizations, limit results to a specific county or geographic region, view different years of data and refine results by other criteria.

See the steps below to refine or expand your results using the menu on the left and above the table of results. Be sure to click “Apply” to update the information. Not finding results that you are looking for? Try changing the insurance type or year.

Step 1

What type of organization or place would you like to compare? Are you interested in comparing clinics? Or counties? You can compare multiple types of organizations or places. For example, you can select clinic and county to see those results side by side. Click Apply. To hide the dropdown menu after you click Apply, simply click anywhere in the left column.

Note: Health plans have a different set of measures that apply to them. You will see those measures marked with (Health Plan) at the end of them. See Measuring Health Plans for a fuller explanation.

Step 2

Would you like to narrow your search down by geographic region? Select Accountable Community of Health or County from the next two menus.

Note: If you leave the selection on All, it will show all organizations or places in Washington state.

Step 3

Narrow your search by choosing a category of measures. You can narrow your search even further by selecting only one or two measures. Leave All selected if you want to see every measure available.

Step 4

Select year. Some measures are new to this Community Checkup and will not have results for previous years.

Step 5

View results by insurance type. If you select commercial, you will see performance results for people with commercial insurance. If you choose Medicaid, you will see results for people enrolled in Medicaid. All insurance type shows results for a blend of commercial and Medicaid.

Most measures have results for all three insurance selections (Commercial, Medicaid, All). However, certain measure results are only available for certain insurance types.

Why Don’t I See Any Data?

  • You may not have the right insurance type selected. For example, hospital scores are available only when you select All data.
  • We may not have results for the year you selected. Try changing the year.
  • There may not be any data available for the organization or geographic region you selected. Smaller medical groups and clinics and more rural counties are likely to not have big enough populations to meet our public reporting requirements.

Watch a Demonstration Webinar

For a more detailed demonstration of the Community Checkup website, view this 50-minute webinar: