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Patient Experience at the Doctor's Office

When you go to a doctor’s office, what is your experience? Do you feel respected, listened to and like you got the care you needed? Do you leave with an understanding of what your health issues are and what you are supposed to do next?

Patient experience refers to important things that happen from when you enter a doctor’s office until you leave.

Your health care team, including doctors and nurses, should explain things in a way you understand, listen to you and treat you with courtesy and respect. You should understand your options and actively participate in decision-making about your care. This builds trust and leads to better results.

Having a good experience when you visit your provider’s office can lead to better health.

Compare scores for patient experience at the doctor’s office

Woman smiling at doctor.

What can patients do?

Help make sure you have a good experience by doing your part.

  • Come to the appointment with a list of questions and be ready for discussion. Make sure you understand what the doctor is saying before leaving.
  • If your expectations aren’t being met, talk with your doctor about your concerns or look for a new doctor.

What should your doctor do?

There are specific things you should expect when you visit your primary health care provider. You should expect to be able to:

  • Schedule an appointment at a time that meets your needs.
  • Have your doctor know your medical history, including care you have received from specialists.
  • Feel like your doctor listens to you and gives answers that you understand.
  • Feel respected by your doctor and clinic staff.
  • Get timely reminders for needed care and follow-up information about test results.